[ROM] Galaxy S4 Hyperdrive Updated To Release 10!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Developer "Sbreen94" has just released his latest build of the popular "Hyperdrive" Rom. Release 10 includes all kind of new features! The included Note 3 features really make this rom stand out on the Galaxy S4! This rom will work whether you are on the mdk build with LOKI or any other build running SafeStrap! Hyperdrive RLS 10 is based on Android 4.2.2 and is built on the ME7 build for the Verizon Galaxy S4. This rom includes an optimized stock kernel for extra speed and performance! I have always noticed incredible battery life when running hyperdrive. I generally have about 25% or more battery life after using the phone all day.

Some custom features included in this rom are the HyperDrive Hub, Hyperdrive Tweaks, Hyperdrive OTA, Hyperdrive Papers, Hyperdrive Settings, Hyperdrive Extended 10 way Power Menu, Hyperdrive default homescreen layout, Hyperdrive Browser Bookmarks, and more!

RLS10 specific features that have been added include Note 3 style launcher, Note 3 Wallpapers, Note 3 Sounds, Note 3 Task Manager, Note 3 Alarm Widget, Note 3 S-Voice, Note 3 Calendar Widget, Note 3 FlipBoard, Note 3 Samsung Apps and Hub, Watch On, Note 3 Active Applications widget, Note 3 Bloomberg News, Note 3 Chat On, Note 3 My magazine, Note 3 My files, Note 3 Sketchbook, Note 3 S-Note, All Note 3 Icons, Note 3 Settings Style and images, and more. Grab this great rom from the link below!