Galaxy S4 [ROM] HyperDrive Release 11 Based On 4.3


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Oct 6, 2011
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Hyperdrive has become one of the most stable and reliable custom Roms for the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S4. While some developers have already moved onto other devices like the Note 3, developer "Sbreen94" is still pumping out builds for the Galaxy S4. One of the best parts of the Hyperdrive rom series is the fact that it is based on TouchWiz meaning you can maintain all of the TW functionality that came with your device. Hyperdrive Release 11 is based on the latest and greatest version of Android for the VZW S4 4.3 JB TW I545VRUEMJ7, and it includes the Talexop Stock Kernel. The custom aroma installer allows you to make this rom feel as much like AOSP or as much like TouchWiz as you like. Hyperdrive is also one of the most customizable roms available for the Galaxy S4 currently.


Some key features of the Hyperdrive rom include Full Galaxy Note 3 UI and features, Hyperdrive tweaks (a huge collection of customizable tweaks), Hyperdrive HUB (download apps, toggle themes, keyboard skins, kernels, fonts, full themes), Hyperdrive OTA brings the latest updates over the air, Hyperdrive Papers Custom HD wallpapers, Hyperdrive Settings (custom remapped settings layout), Hyperdrive extended 10 way toggleable power menu, Custom HypeRed, HypeBlue, and Stock themes, and much much more! Head to the source link below for the download.

Hyperdrive has been my favorite on the S3 and S4. This should be awesome.
Does anyone know of a Stock 4.3 Rom that will work with Safestrap on ME7 (AKA 4.2.2)?
I really wish that this version of Hyperdrive worked with safestrap.