huge problem || i downloaded astro || now cant access any media


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Dec 26, 2010
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hello i have a huge problem

my phone was working great until i downloaded a program called astro which is a file manager. it kinda works nice but when i try to open media with the default programs, it doesnt open anything. my pictures appear but they are all replaced by a weird icon when i open them. when i open my music player, there is nothing even tho its on my SD card.

i uninstalled it and it still screwed up my phone

any help would be great this is very big problem im an artist i show ppl my art through my phone and listen to music now i cant do that :(
Did you move folders or files? Did you rename folders?

One possible option is to go into applications/manage applications/all/ and then find the offending apps and clear data. Then open the app and see if re-syncs with it's media.

Good luck.
hey i fixed the problem but i dont want to delete this thread maybe people have a similar problem.
here is my story

i want my gallery to show only my art so when i show people they dont see random pictures of my family or weird videos. so i heard astro can make folders that are called '.nomedia' and normally you cant name a folder that. so after i put my media in there it wont show in my gallery. that all worked out but it screwed up all my other programs

the solution is to delete the '.nomedia' folder then it works correctly

thx for help