"Media" eating up serious juice - why?


May 16, 2011
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Yesterday I noticed that my D2G (fission 2.2) was getting extremely hot and was practically useless (10-60 seconds to respond to my commands). Went to the battery usage statistics and found out that "Media" was using most of my battery, in fact, it had taken control of the processor and wasn't really allowing it to do anything else. Also, the "force close" button was not lit so I couldn't do anything.

I saw that my upload and download lights were going crazy so I figured this was eating bandwidth too. I went to 3G watchdog and sure enough, it has been using network. Luckily, when I click on it through this program, I can force it to close. It is listed as having four components:

Media Storage
DRM Protected Content Storage
Download Manager

only one of those four shows up when I click to FC through 3GWD. But FCing does fix the problem.

Then, all is fine. As long as the phone stays on, and I don't use any app that "calls" one of the above functions, I'm good. But eventually I will slip up and notice my phone immediately become unusable, and I have to spend 4 minutes opening 3GWD again and FCing Media.

Is another app causing this? Like perhaps some app that requires the use of these services? I'm not sure, but I don't think so. it had been 4 days since I installed or updated anything. This seemed to happen spontaneously. It also happens right when the phone boots, so you'd think it would have to be caused by an app that starts with the phone, or runs as a background service.

I use Titanium Backup. I save 5 prior backups. I decided to go back to 9/9 and reinstall an older version of all these files since on 9/9 nothing was wrong. That did not work. "Media" will still rear its ugly head any time the phone is restarted. So I decided to "freeze" these 4 apps and clear data for them as well. At first this didn't work, but now I think it does. I can't open gallery and market crashes when I click on an app within, but at least the phone is functional.

But of course I don't want to live like this.... I want my phone to go back to a crappy slow unsatisfactory D2G, not a worthless red hot brick! So how do I stop "Media" from dominating my processor?
media includes music, videos, pictures, a lot applications won't work correctly if you freeze this app.