HTC's "Free Gift" Arrives!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Several weeks back HTC sent out an email to those of you who pre-ordered the HTC 10 from Verizon or direct from HTC. The email stated that HTC would be sending out a "small token" of their appreciation. This led many to speculate that possibly a new ICE View Case or set of Hi-Fi headphones was on the way. Who knows maybe HTC would be super generous and include both.

I fully expected at the time the email came through that we would be receiving the headphones since the international version came with the headphones and US versions did not. It only seemed fair. Pretty soon their were murmurings that this gift would only be a simple Type C cable. I held out hope.

Today I was slightly disappointed, but not really surprised when I found a Type-C cable in my mail box today. This isn't the HTC Vive I was hoping for, but being that Type-C is totally new and I only have two cables this extra cable is actually something I really needed. You know when you get those socks for Christmas. It's not what you wanted but you know you needed them. This is that feeling. While it's not the Free Gear VR, Free 5200mah battery pack, Free wireless charger, Free Level On Headphones, or Free 2 year Netflix subscription that I have received from Samsung as a token of appreciation I guess its better than nothing.