Nexus 5X Unboxing Video Confirms The Lack Of Type-C To Type-A Cable


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Oct 6, 2011
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Google decided to hand out a few Nexus 5X units to a few lucky attendees at today's India launch event. One of these units was unboxed today and the video was uploaded to youtube. In the box we find the normal quick start guide, and warranty information. In this unboxing we also see the included charger which is a USB Type-C charge brick with a Type-C to Type-C cable. This lines up with Google's listing in the Play Store which states that this device would not ship with a Type-C to Type- A cable. Many were hoping that the listing was incorrect. You can still grab a C to A cable from Google for only $12.99. If you are looking forward to unlocking your bootloader and rooting the Nexus 5X you will need that C to A cable.

Type-C to Type-A cable
First, these are not true unboxing videos. It seems that many people from Indian tech sites did their unboxing videos at this event. I'm not convinced that they're actually getting to keep these. One of the videos I watched on the 6P yesterday, the guy flat out stated that the sticky part of the packaging was undone because "Many people have already opened this today."

Second, I'm a little bummed that the Type-C to Type-A cable that appears to come with the 6P (from those same videos I mentioned above) is quite short. I guess it makes sense that the longer C to C cable is for the charger and the C to A would just be for connecting to your PC, but I was kinda hoping they'd both be the same length to make it easier to charge my 6P in the truck. I hope the $12.99 cable they're selling is longer than the one shown in those videos.

I still think the shorter cable will work for me in my truck for now, but I'll be on the look out for a good deal on a longer one before to incredibly long.
India can now pre-order so all these "New" videos are popping up. Which aren't any different than the Google Event.

I won't buy any cables until I get my hands on the device. I see people spending $50 on cables which might not even work. I'm pissed that all my cables are basically useless now. I have 2 nice car charges in each vehicle and one USB and brick in my laptop bags.
Had to happen eventually. I get the frustration to a point, but time marches on and technology keeps moving forward. If it wasn't this round of phones that made the switch, it'd be the next round of phones.

Luckily, my car charger is a USB, so I'll only need to replace the cable if I find the short one to not serve my needs. In the wife's car, we've got an actual 2 prong outlet, so I can just use my longer Type-C cable and house charger when we go on trips in there.