HTC's Follow-up Butterfly S Pictured in the Wild


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Rumors about a next generation version of the HTC Butterfly have been hitting the web lately, and today we have a juicy one for you. This one comes complete with "in the wild" pics of the device. The new Butterfly S will apparently be a 5-inch device and will include HTC's BoomSound boost dual-stereo speakers on the front like we see on the HTC One. No other details where shared about this device, but it's nice to get a glimpse. The familiar black and red styling is reminiscent of old school HTC Droid devices. Could this mean it might come to Verizon as well? We will keep an eye on things to see...

In the mean-time we know that the Butterfly S will likely hit officially in mid-June. It's predecessor originally launched first in Japan, and we expect that trend to continue. There have been rumblings that it could also be a Chinese exclusive on China Telecom. Would you guys like to see some version of this come to the U.S.?

Source: SlashGear