htc vs motorola

Well I've had a Droid, Droid 2, and Droid 2 Global. My girlfriend has had a Droid incredible for about 2 months now, and I can't believe how much smoother her phone is than mine. It kinda bugs me when I'll check out her phone for a few mins, and everything is responsive and snappy, while everything lags out on my D2G after unlocking it.

Definitely not getting another Motorola phone anything soon.

Thunderbolt FTW!
HTC has better software, hands down. Motorola traditionally has had better Hardware (aluminum phones vs plastic), but I'm pretty sure the Thunderbolt is now aluminum.

However, most of the software downfalls of Motorola can be solved by flashing a blurless ROM. So, if you're ok with rooting/etc, it's really up to you to play around with each phone and decide, but if you're sticking to stock, my vote goes to HTC.
i still don't know why moto gets such high remarks with the audio jack issue? maybe it bothers me more than the rest of you but the OD and DX both have crappy designs when it comes to the audio jack.

just my 2¢
Explain the audio jack issue for me? I have been using headphones extensively on my d2g from the day I got it in mid december, and have no problems at all.

Aside from that using titanium backup to freeze the bloat and using adw launcher with some customizations ( i dont need or want flashy animated scrolling or any crap like that) and my home is widget LOADED but still responsive fast and 'snappy'.