HTC Posts Infographic that Hints at New Camera Tech


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Dec 30, 2010
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A new Infographic on the HTC Blog suggests the rumors of a new camera sensor technology might turn out to be true. Just yesterday, we shared some intel that HTC might be coming out with a new camera sensor for their M7 phone. This new sensor will supposedly (at least according to the rumor) support a new Ultrapixel technology that basically uses a 4.3MP sensor with triple layers to achieve super hi-res pictures. This morning HTC posted a brief history of the camera lens which culminated with a final question mark hinting at a new evolutionary/revolutionary tech from HTC themselves. Above is a small snipped of the overall Infographic. Be sure to hit up the source link below for the full pic. Here's a quote from the blog itself,

As smartphone photography continues to grow in both quality and popularity, it’s hard to recall the days we carried separate cell phones, cameras and video recorders. Now, your smartphone makes it simple to quickly upload and share the latest self-portrait, baby photo, or other amazing shot you didn’t miss. Let’s take a moment to reminisce over the history of photography (and give thanks that we have a lightweight HTC in our pockets instead of a Brownie camera!).

Thanks for the heads-up, grenefroggie!

Source: HTC Blog
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