HTC One Will Supposedly Ship in Limited Quantities due to UltraPixel Camera Tech


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Dec 30, 2010
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According to a new report, HTC may end up shipping a great deal fewer of their new HTC One phone than they would like to. Apparently, the limited quantities of the device will be due to their new UltraPixel camera technology. Several of the critical components needed for the new camera are having low-yield issues at the parts suppliers. Here's a quote with some of the specifics,

On Wednesday, a Taiwanese brokerage company – KGI securities, slashed its HTC One shipment estimates by a considerable fraction – down to 10.5 million units shipped to retailers and carriers during the first half of 2013. It previously predicted 15 million HTC One units to be shipped over the same period. The cause of this are said to be underwhelming yields of several crucial components, one of them being the camera module for the smartphone's UltraPixel camera. As a side note, the HTC One uses a custom-built module with 4 megapixels of resolution and optical image stabilization, which despite its relatively low pixel count promises to deliver great image and video quality due to the increased pixel size. Another component that's in short supply is the voice coil motor, according to the source.

This is certainly more bad news for a company that has had nothing but bad news for quite some time. Of course, in this instance it looks like it was external forces outside of their control. Still, what's it going to take to shake HTC out of this funk?

Source: PhoneArena
In this case, it seems like they were making a pretty good decision - I think camera quality is one of the few areas where you can still differentiate.

That said, most users are still going to assume 13mp >>> 4mp.
Just don't make the same mistakes as the thunderbolt. This looks like the most hyped device since the thunderbolt and yea the bolt was problematic. Then again will verizon even be getting the one?
"Ultrapixel" might work for them (but then again "BEATS" didn't), but I think they have a serious problem when people look at the spec sheet and see "4mp camera". I doubt the VZW reps will help their cause as most of them will also be like 13mp >>> 4mp.