HTC One M9 Will Supposedly Come with a 20MP Toshiba Camera Sensor


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Dec 30, 2010
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The latest rumint to hit the web regarding the HTC One M9 refers to its camera sensor. Supposedly it will be a 20MP model and will be designed by Toshiba. If true, it means that HTC went with Toshiba's new T4KA7 model sensor. We know this because that's the only 20MP camera sensor that Toshiba currently offers. Here's a quote with more of the details,
Looking for 20 MP mobile sensors that Toshiba currently offers, we can actually only see one, the recently announced T4KA7. Besides the usual high-end stuff, like backside illumination, real time HDR support, and 1080p video recording with up to 90fps, this Toshiba sensor is somewhat unique in the rest of its specs. For starters, it offers square pixels. While still at a tiny 1.2 micron size, like all high-res mobile sensors, Toshiba claims that the sensor "utilizes a proprietary square-pixel design that enables exceptionally high-quality images with low-power consumption."

The rest of the specs are a 1/2.4" size, 5384 horizontal and 3752 vertical signal pixels, and 22 fps recording at the sensor's full resolution.

It will be interesting to see if this rumor is true, and if Toshiba's camera sensor can compete with the quality offered by Sony's typically superior sensors.

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Source: PhoneArena