HTC clock/weather widget please help a non-techie!!!!


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Jan 4, 2010
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So I'm no so good with the tech stuff and my friend rooted my Motorola Droid. He's started teaching me stuff but know I'm solo. Can someone please teach me how to get the htc retro clock & weather widget on my phone.

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Purchase Beautiful Wdigets or Weather Widget Donate and download the HTC skin you want to use.
Sorry to have to ask but where do I get the skin?

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with weather widgets donate, you go into setings and pick download skin. some are on the market, but it can also bring u to a place to get other ones. its pretty simple once u have it.
With Beautiful Widgets you hit menu, then Skins, and then it will show you a preview of the 100+ skins on the server. Simply download the one you want. If you do decide on Beautiful Widgets I also suggest Beautiful WidgetsLive Wallpaper. It is free with Beautiful Widgets and turns your background into an animated weather forecast. Very cool. As with any paid app you have 24 hours to uninstall for a full refund.
I downloaded and installed that. It keeps telling me my location is Mountain View, CA even though I've changed it and saved my changes multiple times.

Also, since I have Froyo, it's not really the same path to settings as you described and I'm not seeing all the options.
Okay, so I downloaded the beautiful widgets....I can see the screens I want. I download them. Then I go to them and say "make this home screen" and I push "save and apply" and get nothing.
What am I doing wrong?
Have you deleted the old widget and added the one with the new skin?

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