HTC Bets Big on Virtual Reality; Believes VR will Outpace Smartphones in 4 Years


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Dec 30, 2010
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If the executives at HTC are correct, then we might see the Taiwanese company rise to the top of the heap in a completely new market within four years. Wang Tsung-ching, HTC’s Head of Vive in China, recently commented that he believes Virtual Reality tech will outpace smartphone growth in as little as 4 years time.

Although it's obvious that Tsung-ching is passionate about his division, his statement might not be completely hyperbolic. He pointed out that it only took five years for smartphone sales to accelerate past personal computer sales in total volume. Now that smartphone sales are declining, it makes sense that some new tech will come along to supplant smartphones' growth. Will it be VR?

HTC is betting big that it will, and their new Vive VR headset is the first step toward that. If HTC's bet turns out to be accurate, we could see HTC rise like a phoenix to dominate an all new industry the way they did during the first few years of Android. This begs the question... if HTC does elevate to a dominant position in the VR tech world, will they be able to hold on to the top?

Considering other OEMs like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, Microsoft, LeEco and Sony are getting in on this game, it seems they will have an even bigger line up of competitors than they had when Android was new. Of course, it's also possible that VR will not make as big of an impact as Tsung-ching predicts. What do you folks think the future holds for HTC and VR tech?

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After trying vr with Google cardboard, it's cool at first but then you notice the poor resolution even on lg g4, the hassle of using vr apps making it similar to 3d technology. Fun at first but useless in the long run.

4 years htc says? I'd have to say more like 10+ once technology advances enough and prices level out.