Hows this compair to D1 and Rezound


Feb 4, 2010
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I've been using a D1 for the past two years, and just made the switch to the Rezound this week. Now that I see this is out, I may have to take a closer look.

How does this match up size wise to the D1?

Are the user features similar/same as the D1 ie notification settings/sounds/lights?

How is the camera? Better than the D1 I hope.

How does it compare overall to the Rezound?

Call clarity?

I dont really need the keyboard, but the Rezound is a bit bigger than I'm acustom to, and I dont like alot of change.
How does this match up size wise to the D1?
Much larger overall, similar thickness.

Are the user features similar/same as the D1 ie notification settings/sounds/lights?
Very similar.

How is the camera? Better than the D1 I hope.
Its amazing in my opinion. I came from a Droid 2 and the camera is not even comparable.

How does it compare overall to the Rezound?
It crushes it in all ways. :biggrin:

Call clarity?
SPECTACULAR. Huge upgrade over my Droid 2.

I dont really need the keyboard, but the Rezound is a bit bigger than I'm acustom to, and I dont like alot of change.
If you don't need the keyboard, there are better phones out there. Droid 4 are for people who require physical keyboards.

I would agree with the above post. If you don't really need the keyboard but like Motorola phones, try the Razr Maxx. Better screen, better battery life, otherwise the same and the D4. No need to lug that extra weight around if you're not going to use it.
I had the OG droid and then Droid R2D2. Both were great phones for me. My wifes crappy palm pre finally gave up and I had an upgrade.... oh boy oh boy!

So after much research and debate with myself, I got the Rezound... Excellent phone. Sweet HD screen. a few tweeks and battery life was decent. Awesome camera. Because of the high resolution of the HTC's screen, words are very small unless you zoom in which is fine. The Rezound didn't fit in my relatively small hand very well and I thought I might drop it a few times, especially when "one-handing" but that could have been fixed with an extended battery and case for it(would have added better contours for gripping). I didnt care for HTC sense UI so I installed Go launcher EX which makes your android phone extremely customizable. I liked almost everything about the Rezound. However, after having the HTC for 4 days, I returned it for the Droid 4.

A part of me wants to regret it, but I just couldn't get over half (all) of that beautiful screen disappearing when typing in landscape mode (I type long emails and do alot of data entry on my phone). I also have a mobile business where a reliable connection is essential because I go on the edge of service at times. The ReZound was not as good at reception and call clarity as my Moto Droids were. Also, the earpiece speaker was a tad softer and not as loud as motos.

So, I went for the droid 4 as the previous moto droids had been reliable and with the all-essential physical keyboard I felt I could not go wrong... I've only had the Droid 4 for about a day but so far I think I will be happy with it. Especially happy if the screen truly does "break in". After handling the ReZound for several days and then going to the Qhd screen... ugh.

Do I wish it had a better screen? Of course, but I can get used to it. Do I wish it had a better camera with dual led flash? heck yes! I am still torn between the rezound and droid 4 and if I could, I would put a D3 or D4 keyboard on the rezound, give it motos call clarity, earpiece volume, signal reception, raise the buttons a little, give it dedicated camera key and be DAMN happy with it. I would pay full retail for a phone like that but none exists that I know of(yet)...

It all depends on what your personal preferences are. I'm not "brand loyal" or a "fanboy" or whatever. That's why I even tried the Rezound in the first place and was willing to pay the $35 + tax restocking fee if I didn't like it... perhaps I should've took it for the whole 14 day ride but oh well, I got the Droid 4 and I think it will do just fine for my needs... atleast until my next upgrade in 8 months LoL

Maybe one day phones will be made to order like computers... "yeah I want the super LCD HD screen, no not the 5".. 4.2" is fine, such and such processor, X amount of ram, 20 MP camera, quad LED flash, 4000 mah battery... eh, skip the 3D, stock android, unlocked bootloader, guarantee it for life and how bout a strawberry shake to go with it...

HAHA perhaps one day and with technology being what it is, they should already have this kinda stuff but they will slowly spoonfeed us the tech in small increments so as not to put themselves out of business for giving us the very best right now.

Hey, has anyone had any experience with those cell boosters you stick on your battery to improve reception? And what about those mini bluetooth keyboards? I wonder how one would do with a phone like the ReZound?

Crap, I told myself I was done with this and sticking with the Droid 4 LoL
I upgraded straight from the Droid 1 on launch date, my mom had the Droid 2 which got upgraded to a Samsung Stratosphere. Anyway, the Droid 4's screen is larger than the original...most people on here say its blueish toned and its probably the worst thing about the phone, i never noticed it and I play video games on mine. Keyboard is a lot better and bright. This phone is a little bit wider than the 1st one but not much thicker, if anything its a little thinner. Battery isn't removable and there's some weird pin/key thing to open the back cover. Finally there's no camera button, camera does take good pictures and very responsive, video is supposedly 1080p hd (haven't tried it yet) Im happy with it so far. I ordered the HDMI cable and will be testing that soon, I'm curious about this new feature. Coming from the original, I also did like the Motocast apps, they save me the trouble of plugging in a usb cable to transfer pictures back and forth. Nice user experience. I have the car dock, only complaint is that my aux cable end does not fit through it and that you cant add shortcuts (to my knowledge) to the dock, getting back to the main homescreen while docked is no fun either. I had the one for my old droid and had no issues, lol on the upside,I can now take pictures/record while docked.