Howdy y'all from Texas..


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Mar 6, 2011
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First droid phone, had a Samsung Omnia, cool, but way too hard to go from email to forums.
My supposed super "Nerd" R2D2 is way easier... still a few problems with it, we'll see if I keep it or not.
Anyway, y'all take care and be safe!
Mary aka Krashdragon
Dang! I lived on O'ahu for over 20 years..l. I miss the weather, the food and my friends!
Now if I could figure out how to turn off yahoo email, I'd be happy... at least with the phone!
Oh...where you stay?
eh howzit sistah! ya I live honolulu, born raised and bred! LOL...
ur trying to turn off yahoo as in removing entirely? do u have yahoo app downloaded ? sorry trying to figure out what u meant

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ok well u can set ur yahoo as to manual settings so u would only receive notification when u tap the email icon.

Swype with an Aloha from Hawaii
thanks, sorry it took me so long to reply...had 2 weeks to make a 1st birthday baby quilt..<BG>
think I got it figured out... I just run all me email accts in the master widget thingy..I think!
I can get phone and text fine at work, but not internet... but the AT&T phones can get web... sucks.. nothing to do on break at work...<BG>
I think the global version is a bit different... if it wasn't for the extra $100 and that I'm not going anywhere, I'd of gotten that one.
So techhie here... the untilmate nerd phone and not one app downloaded yet! <LOL>
Lol don't worry. and happy 1st bday! love those age...well any other questions, we all can assist

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