Ugraded from Windows Mobile, Yeah!


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Jun 9, 2010
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I got a moto droid a couple weeks ago to replace my WM phone. I love the Droid!!!

There are a few things from WM that I can't seem to get set up on the Droid though... BTW, I really don't intend to root the phone unless I can't possible get it to behave the way I want otherwise. I have no Linux experience and my UNIX experience is quite old and lost - Kinda like me ;) .

Anything set to vibrate continues to vibrate even though I'm in a call. Apparently this is extremely annoying on the other end of the call. Not that I like it but I can live with it but caller have said it is very loud almost to the point of painful. Any way to disable this?

Is there anyway to make the call log the default phone page. My WM phone split the screen with a list of recent calls and the keyboard.

Also, if I starting typing a name or number my old phone would start filtering all contacts that fit the pattern. i.e. typing "328" would list contacts such as "Dav..." or contacts that had the number 328 in their phone number. Is this possible on Droid?

Any way to keep the phone from locking during a call?

Is there a call history somewhere that I'm missing? The call log will show individual calls but not all the calls to a contact. I also find it a little annoying that each individual call is an entry in the call log.

Since the camera button requires a long press can this button be set to something else for short press?

Can emails and SMS be saved to SD rather than Internal memory or are they on SD by default?