How to upload videos to web?


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Dec 23, 2010
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South Carolina
Just got an X a couple days ago, and can't see how to upload videos from my X to the web. When I go into the Share options, none of them that are applicable to me, allow me to even upload it, due to it's size. I even added my PhotoBucket account to the "My Accounts" section, but it's still not an option in the Share menu with videos (it is with pictures, though).

Is YouTube the only way to upload videos?

EDIT: I ask, because in order to keep videos on YouTube private, you have to do it to each video, after uploading it. I didn't see any option to default all uploaded videos to a "private" status, where no one else can see it, unless they have the direct link. I was hoping to be able to upload directly to PhotoBucket and be able to email links to the video to people. (My PB account is already set to Private)
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