How To Root The Nvidia Shield Tablet!


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Oct 6, 2011
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After releasing two all in one console/game controlers Nvidia has decided to go another route with its latest gaming creation. This time they have released a top of the line Android tablet that is built for gaming with the option to buy a separate game controller. This gives the device much more functionality then previous devices that could be used for not much more than gaming. If you are an early adopter of this tablet you are probably wondering how in the world to obtain root on it. "Kwonnger" has released his root guide.

To root the tablet just enable installation of apps from unknown sources, Download Towelroot, You will need to use the modified version of towelroot which can be found at the source link, Install the modified version of Towelroot, launch the app, Tap make it rain, install the supersu app and update binaries, enjoy root. Head to the link below for full instructions and download links.

via XDA