how to root/get root access in android emulator?

[How-To](UPDATED 11/1/10)Working Marketplace in 2.2 Emulator (no system.img)(ROOTED) - xda-developers
Root works in 2.3.3 and you get the market to. The market is lacking alot of apps for osme reason but i think i saw a fix for this the other day. Also keep in mind this is the old market GUI/apk.

thanks everyone for giving time.

Emulator cant be rooted. it can be rooted temporarily by remounting and the root is not persistent, it goes off at the next reboot.
And also, i need root to perform system level operations and to deal with iptables.
now i test with temporary root. thanks you.
you could set in the default prop to =0


at least i think so