How to remove nativeFacebook display group


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Aug 10, 2010
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For the annoyed minds by nativeFacbook, here is the simple instruction I tried on my Droid X which avoided nativeFacebook bothering my contract list.

1) remove facebook app for android
2) restart phone
3) redownload facebook app for android and install
4) login your facebook account
5) at the sync contact option screen, select "don't sync", then kill facebook app process use any task manager app
6) verify nativeFacebook display group does not appear in the display group filter

For the users who have problem with facebook authentication error keeps coming back every once a while after password changed.
1) remove all facebook account under whatever account setting in your phones
2) restart phone
3) add the facebook account back with new password

hope this help out the troubled souls out there.

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