How To Install Google Play Services On The New Amazon Fire Tablets Without Root!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Amazon just released a whole new generation of Fire tablets just after killing off the Fire phone. The biggest draw of these tablets is the extremely low price. Amazon doesn't have to make money on these tablets since they are hoping you will end up buying lots of stuff off Amazon with the fire tablet. Of course since they are hoping you will use their tablet to buy apps, music, movies, and goods Google Play services is not included with the tablet. Why would they give you access to their main competitor?

More than likely if you are someone interested in an Amazon Fire tablet you are probably someone who is already invested in the Android echo system. With no access to the Google Play store you would need to re-buy your apps through the amazon app store. Then again you could just install the Play store to your Fire tablet. This used to require root access, but thanks to some quick development work from "sd-shadow" you can get the Play Store on your fire tab without root! RootJunky put together an install.bat file which will do the whole process for you. Head to the link below for full instructions and download links.

via XDA