How to disable email/text notifications while on call


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Oct 28, 2010
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I am new to this forum and have searched everywhere for a solution. Maybe someone here can help ;0)

How do I disable email/text notifications while on call on my Droid X. I get an alert everytime an email or text message comes in and it is distracting during my business calls. I'd still like to receive the alerts.....just not while I'm on the call.

Any suggestions?
Yes, for some reason when I receive a text message while on a call it sounds like I have a second telephone call coming in. A solution to this would be very helpful.
Thats exactly the problem. Everytime I get a text message or sounds like I have another call coming in and I pull the phone away from my face...and then miss some of the conversation. If I dont pull the phone away from my will I know if I'm missing another call as the tone is the same. Poor programming in my opinion.

I need a fix ;0)
I'm 99% sure there is a setting for this.......I'll try to find it.

EDIT: Well I just looked for five minutes and can't find it. I swear I turned it off in the past.....maybe that was 2.1.
Anyone else have any idea? I've looked everywhere fo a setting.