How to Delete Aim on a Mobile


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May 12, 2011
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AIM is one of the most popular instant messengers available. Not only can it be accessed on a computer, but it can be used on mobile phones also. However, you may find a time where you are tired of receiving instant messages on your phone throughout your day or just need some extra storage space on your phone. If this is the case you can easily remove AIM from your phone.
1.Log onto your AIM account over a computer. Go into the "Options" menu and remove your cell phone number from your account settings (if it is currently there). Members of your Buddy List can send you SMS messages via AIM because of this listing.
2.Sign off of your AIM account on your mobile phone. This prevents your phone from receiving AIM messages.
3.Connect your mobile phone to your computer using the USB cable.
4.Access iTunes if you have an iPhone. Click "iPhone" from the left side of the screen under "Devices." This brings up all the information regarding the phone. Click "Applications." All the applications can now be seen. Deselect the box next to "AIM" and click "Apply." The AIM app is now removed from your iPhone.
5.Open "My Computer" ("Computer" in Vista) if you are not using an iPhone. Your mobile device is listed as a removable
storage device. Open your phone's window and search through the folders until you find "AIM" (the exact location of "AIM" varies from phone to phone). Select "AIM" and click "Delete." AIM is now removed from your mobile phone