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Jan 2, 2010
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I recently started getting small ads at the bottom of my keyboard (Swiftkey) when I text. Sometimes the ad doesn't show up but I know something is there because it won't respond when I try to hit my spacebar or try to long press for punctuation. I use Textra as my text app. I don't see ads when I use the stock app to send so I think it might be from Textra, though I don't recall updating the app recently. Is there a way to confirm the source of ads? I've tried Ad Blocker Plus but I still get them when I try to type. I haven't noticed the ads when the keyboard comes up for email though I hardly email from my phone. Anyone have similar issues? Should I uninstall Textra? I came from Handcent. Any recommendations on a new one to try out?
BTW I'm on a rooted Galaxy Nexus running 4.2.2
UPDATE: It's not exclusive to TEXTRA. It happens when I use EvolveSMS and Hello SMS as well. The ads do not show up when I use the stock messenger or when I type in the browser.
You're going to see them with most third party messaging apps. That's how the app developers make money and can provide it to you for free. Obviously you won't see them in the stock app.
If you're rooted, try AdFree. It keeps all the ads away in every app I use.
I am using Textra on my Note 4, and no ads here.
It makes me wonder if it's the keyboard app.
Thanks, I ended up using AdFree. It works to a certain extent. I don't see the ads, however I still get dead spots on the bottom row of my keyboard. I still get an occasional grey X to indicate where to X out of the ad but the ad itself is not there. I can deal with the X because at least I know to X out of it, but the dead spots are really annoying. In any case, I reinstalled Textra. :)
I'd wonder if AdFree, running in the background trying to block ads, is a battery drain....
I've always used AdAway, which was recently updated on 2/18. Adfree has an issue for awhile where it wouldn't connect to an update server.
I've been using AdFree on my S5 for the past 8 months and it's been working great. I had an issue with it for a couple weeks back in October I think it was, but other than that no problems.

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