How I fixed slow GPS Lock issue on my Droid bionic


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Oct 5, 2012
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So like most people, I started getting slow GPS lock. It's annoying because when you need it (like you missed a turn), you have to wait 2-5 minutes for a lock to occur.

I am on 5.9.905 XT875 release. (and latest MAPS software/update)

I tried the following and it did *not* help.
1) Uninstalled MAP update.
2) Installed GPS Status and Toolbox to erase the cache and download the AGPS data.
4) Installed GPSFIX to keep a lock on GPS.
5) Disabled Google Location Service.
6) Erased app cache.
7) Maps, settings, offiline and cache, and used "Clear all map tiles"

None of the above worked for me. Then after re-installing the MAPS update, I went into Maps, Settings, Location Settings, and unchecked EVERYTHING (some were checked, others were not).

Then magically, my navigation (and GPS Status) starting locking on in seconds like before.

Hopefully, this is what did it.

Good luck!