How easy is it to learn droidstreamer programming for a non-programmer?


Mar 6, 2011
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How easy is it to learn droid programming for a non-programmer?

Hey guy/gals

What programming language does the droid use for applications and how easy is it for a non-programmer (someone who only has expiernce with html/xhtml) to start learning or developing? Also what are some good -free- ways to learn it?

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Android apps and Android itself is written/based off of Java. Some say its an easy language, some say its not. I personally, don't like it, so I stopped trying to learn it. I honestly don't understand or like programming languages, I'll just stick to things like JS and PHP
It's quite difficult to start with but once you get some basic principles it becomes easier, i have experience only in basic but have managed to build a football application with help from stackoverflow check the stackoverflow site and go to the android developers site for tutorials and start there you'll be programming with confidence within a few months.

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Thanks guys will check that out!

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Looked at some books and online tutorials if it is explained clearly and correctly it looks pretty easy.. at least compared to asp and C++

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