How long to make an app , help please


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Oct 9, 2013
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Hi there, i'm about to hire programmers to help me build an android texas poker app but i'm confused as i have picked 2 and deciding who to hire.

One(programmer 1) says that he can complete it in 2 weeks and the other(programmer 2) says he needs about 2 months.

Programmer 1 says that he can complete this in 2 weeks because he will be totally dedicated to my project and spend about 9 hours a day.

Programmer 2 says that it's not possibale to create/build an app in just 2 weeks and needs alot of work to be done like graphics, programmings, testing the app out and also he says that programmer 1 might be or will be using a pre made script and that's why he could complete this in just 2 weeks and also it will have many bugs and errors.

My reason to ask this is because programmer 1 qoutes 3x lesser and is well within my bugdet. Programmer 2 is asking for a higher price saying that there is more work to be done and it's not an easy task etc .

So you can guys please tell me if the above is true? Can't someone create a game like texas poker in 2 weeks? if that person is totally dedicated in the project?

I will really appreciate your help in this ,thank you