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Nov 20, 2010
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Being a fond user of Drods roms(particularly focused)......I have been feeling lately that I would like to contribute to the development of Android. Here is the thing.....I do not know how to. :sad:

So I ask all you programmers/android tinkerers, how did you guys get started? Is there something I should buy or a website to begin learning what to do?

I suppose I could search online....but since we have such good programmers and great knowhow here, I would very much like to know how some of you learned the background.

I do not have ADB, I would very much assume I need this it free or paid(either is fine with me). I use Mac OSX but also have XP so if I need to one or the other this is ok too.

Like all things, it would take some time to get up to speed, but I feel with some guidance... I should be able to help in the future with many things.

Thanks guys.
Have you been to the Android developer website ( You can download the free SDK (which includes the ADB), read documentation, and there are some sample applications. Nothing on creating ROMs, but it will get you started. You'll probably also want to download Eclipse.

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Look in the droid development subform for a post titled "new dev help?". I basically asked the same thing and got a few really good links and some help from a few people. Id link it but can't from the app.

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Ill download the SDK. I will also look in this forum for devs help. This is the type of guidance I was looking for. Thanks for the input guys.

Any other suggestions where to start is also welcome :)