How does one transfer a free non-DRM book from PC to Kindle app?


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May 13, 2013
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When I go to my Kindle app I can access the books that I bought for my Kindle reader. I would like to transfer other e-book files from my PC.
However I can't find the folder on the Droid in which to put them.
For example I can read the book "Proof of Heaven" my kindle app.
Looking at files on device storage and do a search for that book it doesn't show up.
If I look at SD card and do a search there it doesn't show up.
I can't find any folders named "Kindle."
Oh - I did find Device storage/Android/data/
The files there do not have any obvious book names.

I tried using Calibre and transferred the book "Treasure Island" to the droid.
It created a folder named "Books" and transferred the file there.
It is compatible with kindle because it has a .mobi format.
However the Kindle app doesn't see it. The Kindle app doesn't have a search function.
If I tap on that file name the droid returns with "Can't open that type of file".

So has any one successfully been able to do this? If so what am I missing in the process?
Or is a better solution to uninstall the Kindle app and install a better e-book reader?