How do you change the way a name is pronounced in Caller ID?


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Aug 5, 2012
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Sorry of this is a repeat, but honestly I've searched and just not found the answer.

I like the voice announced caller ID, but the android does not pronounce certain names correctly. I've tried using the phonetic spelling in the phonebook, but it doesn't seem to apply. So what is the trick, or is it even possible?
Welcome to Droid Forums! Sorry but I have no experience using this function, hopefully someone else will know better then me :)
Welcome aboard... I too haven't got a clue. I personally don't use that function.
Hello and welcome to the forum!

Much like those above me, I am not sure how to edit how a name is spoken by the phone for caller ID purposes...
welcome to the forums .. like above posters i dont use that function
Welcome to DF. I actually do use that function but have yet to find a solution to teach it to say the names correctly.

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Howdy there. I used the voice caller ID on my old flip phone I just replaced and I used to laugh at the mispronunciations. The same way I laugh at my Garmin GPS because it mispronounces all the places I go to.