How do I transfer files from my computer to my phone's memory card?

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Oct 29, 2009
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From the Motorola Website:

You can transfer music, video, and image files from your computer to your phone's memory card in two ways:
  • Using your phone's USB Connection as 'Memory Card' (described below).
    — or —
  • Using Motorola Phone Tools.
Note: Motorola Phone Tools can be purchased through the MOTOSTORE. MPT is not compatible with Mac OS.
Using your phone's USB Connection as 'Memory Card':
A. Set up your phone.
  1. Press the Center Select Key.
  2. Scroll to and select Settings.
  3. Scroll to and select USB Connection.
  4. Scroll to and select Default Connection.
  5. Scroll to and select Memory Card.
B. Transfer files.
  1. Connect the USB cable to your phone and to your computer. Your computer will recognize your phone as a "Removable Disk" icon:
    • On a PC, this icon can be found in the "My Computer" window under "Devices with Removable Storage".
    • On a Mac, this icon can be found on the desktop.
  2. Open the "Removable Disk" icon to access the memory card.
  3. Drag and drop the desired files to the appropriate memory card folder to copy them onto the memory card:
    Music files: Drive:\mobile\audio
    Wallpaper and Screensavers: Drive:\mobile\picture
    Video files: Drive:\mobile\video
  4. When finished, disconnect your phone by:
    • On a PC, click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray, then select "Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device".
    • On a Mac, eject the "Removable Disk" icon.
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