how do I get rid of unlock button while I'm on a call?

This is an issue on my boyfriend's LG VS501 and it's bad. Verizon contacted LG and it's built into the phone. We even tried downloading a couple of different full screen caller ID apps but that didn't keep it from happening. After you swipe, it gives you about 2 seconds to figure out which call option you want to select (speaker, mute, etc.), then it pops back up again. It happened four times in a row when I was on the phone with Tier 2 tech support. My boyfriend is on the autism spectrum and this problem is causing him serious distress, which of course, he couldn't communicate to me effectively, so I didn't know it was this much of a problem until after the 14 day return period, so now we're stuck in a payment plan. This is incredibly aggravating, and I will never buy another LG phone again. They need to include people with disabilities in their focus groups before they release products like this.
I am having the same issue with my G4, called LG customer service. They gave me a possible work around- go to settings/general/apps/ then click the three dot drop down menu (3 dots top right corner) & choose show system. Find 'call manager' app, open, and clear data for the app. Didn't work for me, but it may work of your carrier is different than mine. Otherwise it's "wait for the next Droid update", thanks for the info all! Gd Lck!
Seriously, this is the most insanely annoying addition to Android in marshmallow.
When I'm making a call now, I have to swipe unlock to use the keypad. "swipe unlock icon to use call options"
I want this off my phone.
Can someone please help me turn this off? It makes me want to throw my phone out the window.
I bought my LG K51 last May 2021 (not knowing they stopped making the phones a month before) then in February 2022 it started the "swipe unlock icon to use call options" i tried to get Metro PCS to replace the phone with something else because i can not disable that feature I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT THE PHONE if it had done it at the time of purchase and they DID NOT tell me they stopped making LG phones the month before. Does anyone know how to go to the root menu or anything else to stop or disable this sabotaged phone ?