How do I get rid of Lock Screen Windows


Mar 12, 2012
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So the stock lock screen has what appear to be different windows around it that can be pulled open to do various... i don't know whats. Is there a way to get rid of all that extra junk. I find myself swiping from high on the screen, near the clock, and it opens a window that wants me to do something, change the settings i guess. What i know is that I am having to swipe that window back up in order to swipe across the screen to unlock it. I don't want any of the extra junk on my screen, just the clock.
Thoughts? Is this something that I am stuck with unless i get another lock-screen or root?
Yeah, its stock. I have GoLauncher, but it hasn't messed with the lock screen. I suppose technically it isn't a lock screen, because there is no lock, just the swipe to unlock. But it has the clock and date at the top of the screen, and when i grab that area, it pulls open a window that gives me the ability to change the settings of the clock on the lock screen, which i am not interested in. From some digging around i think that there is nothing that i can do if i want to have the clock, just have to not swipe around the top of the screen.
Cant imagine why this window thing is even an option.
Gimme a sec, I'll turn mine on and look. I think it's a setting called lockscreen widgets or something like that. BRB.

Settings - lockscreen - multiple widgets

Uncheck the box.
I actually already have that box unchecked. I think that just prevents the side windows from opening if i had a message widget, or other, on the lockscreen. But as long as I want the clock widget, the related pull down window seems to be permanent. Thanks for the suggestion. I think i just need another lock screen.
If I turn dual clock off, then all I get when I pull down from the top of the lockscreen is the regular notification screen that I get anytime I pull down from the top of the screen. Have you tried Go Locker?
Yeah, not the notification bar, more where the clock sits. If I press the clock, there is a white outline that opens around the widget, and you can pull expand the outline down and gives you a little square with a pencil? in it for clock options.... Instead of just unlocking the phone no matter where I pull. Pretty sure it is a 4.3 thing, and I suspect I am not conveying it very well, but regardless Go Locker is where I am headed.