How do I fix Facebook on my RAZR?


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Apr 17, 2012
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I've been using Facebook for a while, and I've had my phone for around a month. The past three days or so, when I go to Facebook it looks like the site from an old flip phone. It has few if any pictures and no option for a desktop site. At the bottom it prompts me to do install Facebook for my Droid Bionic.
So I go to the market to look for the app hoping that it would do the job, but it's really not quite the same. It's glitchy and slow, stuff is missing. I don't know the problem exactly, but my parents both have RAZRs, and neither of their phones are having this issue.
I think they might be working.on.the layout for Facebook on.the browser. Its the same for me and the app is no better.

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Everyone else I know has the regular layout.
I can't even get to the desktop site without Google.
Well I guess I'm having the same issue as you. Did you try using a different browser?

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Mine did the same thing the last couple days, but today when I noticed it again, I cleared all my cookies, form settings, etc. and it went back to normal.

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Well I have all my cookies and cache clear every time I exit my browser so idk.

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Scratch that. I just went in and manually cleared all my cookies, cache and data and it's all good now.

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