How did i restore my D2G after a Gummyjar Droid2 flash?


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Jan 10, 2011
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i got gummyjar up and running on my D2G but the phone was stuck on airplain mode.
then i read enough to know that was a very stupid thing to do.
read some more here and there started to feel a little hopeless and then i got desperate.

i opened up droid 2 bootstrap, clicked on bootstrap recovery and then z4root and clicked on re-root. the phone restarted and i restored a backup i made the first time i ran z4root and recovered my backup(so i guess im not that dumb... )

can someone please explain to me what i actually did... did i even need to hit the bootstrap recovery for this to work?

thx for all the help
i know now fission rom is the only supported D2G rom available :p