How can I Setup Non Active Wiped Turbo


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Jan 25, 2010
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How can I bypass setup on Droid Turbo on Full Wipe on a Non Active Phone? I wiped it to use only on WiFi but have no option to sign in on WiFi and seems to want LTE connection to continue.
Tap the upper left corner than proceed clockwise tapping each corner until you reach the lower left, this should bypass the activation crap.
That doesn't seem to be working on the Turbo. I get the Couldn't sign screen and can go any further.
It took me a couple of tries to hit all the magic spots, but I did finally had success.
What screen did you do it on? Setup Wizard welcome?
How are you using the 4 corners method?
You must move from upper left, to upper right, then ABOVE the line beneath the Android image, lower right to lower left, but ABOVE that GREEN LINE, or it will fail.

Here is a good solution. Let us know if this solves it for you.

This is the screen I have. Its not the same. No android.
Hit next, when the next prompt comes up, activate and a back arrow press them both at the same time.
It will return to the same screen with only the back arrow, tap it.
I have tried both at the bottom but then it goes to privacy screen.

Looks like I was pressng the wrong back arrow. When I press the next and Phone back arrow the WiFi menu came up. I signed into to my WiFi and 5hen proceeded. Looks good to go. Thank you for your assistance.
Your welcome. I typically turn my old phones in to GPS units. Just replaced, 3 months ago, maybe 6 months, a turbo with a lightly used one, commenced to drop it taking it out of the bubble wrap. Set it up for a GPS unit. Who would steal a phone with a shattered screen if i neglect to remove it from the handlebars.