Home Dock that fits with silicone case


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Jul 16, 2010
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I've seen a couple pictures of home docking stations for the new Droid X, but they all look as if the tolerances on the dock are too tight to fit an X with a silicone case on it. Is this actually the case or will they work?

Can anyone recommend a dock that will fit my phone with the little rubber case Verizon sells on it?

Not to sound like an old man, but I hate having to bend to the ground to pick up my charger cable and then finagle it just so in order to plug in. I'd much rather have a nice dock that I can easily slide the phone into without a struggle (nonetheless it's easier to see notifications when tilted on my desk).

Furthermore, in the presentations that I've seen of the home docks, they have a horizontal home display which looks to very conveniently place all of your pertinent items in front of you. Is this a downloadable app, or an app that comes with the dock, or what? I'm new to all of this and love how it can double as a picture frame, alarm clock with weather, or whatever when docked.

Thanks for any help.

For reference of the horizontal homepage and tight tolerances I am referring to:


Jun 30, 2010
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This is on my wish list too. I have knocked over too many pictures off the nightstand trying to line up the spare cable just right when putting my X to sleep!

I am hoping the upcoming Seidio dock will work with the silicone cover on it. Based on my readings on this forum, the Seidio dock should at least work while the Seidio case is on.