Home and Away?


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Nov 7, 2012
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Sounds odd when “Home and Away” are looked at together, but for some reason these 2 settings of mine run at the same time. I have my Home setup through my GPS physical location. The Away setting is using the not charging feature (seems the Trigger for left the house doesn’t exist.) Of course there are different features where Home relies primarily on Wi-Fi and Away turns off Wi-Fi and turns Mobile Data on, just two examples. However it doesn’t seem clear that there is a really strong setting to indicate that I am in an Away status. Also I have noticed that even at Home, the Away setting Overrides the Home and it disables Wi-Fi, which maybe there is some sort of hierarchy going on here. I guess my goal here is to run one setting, without another setting canceling out the other, whether the phone is at Home, Work, Away, Sleep at the Gym or whatever. Are there ways to either create new Triggers that allow the ability to either not cancel the settings of another setting, or create some type of hierarchy or arrangement that prioritizes which setting is most important and of course with one setting running while reducing the battery drain?