help with droid razr after JB update (volume rocker)


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Jun 1, 2012
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my droid razr was working fine after I installed the JB leak from droid life until yesterday....The volume (not the switch its self but the one on the screen) will move, but it only moves a little bit back and forth (kinda glitchy) hard to explain and i hope anyone can offer a fix...I have considered a FDR but hate the idea of that...I have installed audio manager from the market and that seems to work most of the time....other than that the phone works great just kind of annoying with this new glitch!!!I would hate to send it back to verizon over such a minor thing...also what would happen to the JB update if I did do the FDR? would the phone still work? or would the update need to be reinstalled? Thanks ,,,Matt
It will not hurt anything if you FDR. Just backup everything apps, pics, music, etc. Afterwards it should be nice and smooth. Its almost a must to fdr after a big update like that. Its also recommended to do a fdr before installation as well. DO NOT TRY TO GO BACK TO ICS! Just backup. Fdr, you should be good to go. Lol I've had to edit like 4 times. Keep forgetting things. I forgot to mention if u move your pics and music to your sd card a fdr will not format it. Just make sure u move it to sd-ext.
That's what I did and it worked great! Smooth as ever too! Thanks for the help.... MATT

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