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I realize this may have been covered somewhere in the forum previously but I have searched through and only have more confusion. I am looking to get to the rooted gingerbread. I also have questions about the radio update (how can i do this? as i heard it will help with 3g loss. Or is it not possible if im trying to get rooted Gb?) and which of the many updates are appropriate for my phone and process.

Currently I am/ have been running a z4root DX. the purpose of this is wireless tethering which I use regularly. I also use netflix and watchespn regularly as well. I have provided this information so that anyone choosing to help may notify me if any of the changes I'd like to do would negatively affect these uses.

Alright here we go:

Currently my phone says that I am running:

"system version: Version.2.3.340.MB810.verizon.en.US? For my understanding which of this is the important part to know for hacking/rooted GB/ roms etc.? The 2.3.340 part?
Android Version- 2.2.1
Bandbase version- BP_C_01.09.07P
Kernel Version:
w30471@il93lnxdroid08 #1

OK, thats that.

Now, what I would like to do is go to the rooted version of Gingerbread (as long as it still allows me to wireless tether and the above mentioned things) or should I stay with the rooted froyo that i have?

I would appriciate a walk-through of the process for my specific phone and build/version.

Ultimately I will be getting a bionic and i would like to try more and more with my current DX so that i am comfortable enough for the processes by the time my bionic comes because, as i understand, I will have to flash from the stock gingerbread to froyo and then load pre rooted GB in oreder to wireless tehter with out paying the astronomical $30 per month for 2GB....

Thanks to all who would help!
Mar 15, 2011
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Culpeper, VA
Follow this process exactly:
... EXCEPT: If you don't want Liberty GB (I highly recommend it) then just don't install the LGB 0.x zip at the end.

As for WiFi, you have to jump through some hoops on that one:
1. Download and install this:
android-wifi-tether - Wireless Tether for Root Users - Google Project Hosting
2. Open the app and set Device-Profile (menu button->settings) to Motorola Droid X (CDMA)
3. Set up an encrypted network
4. Download this file and put it on your SD card: (Google this filename)
5. Reboot into CWM and flash the above zip file just like you flashed the 2-part rooted GB in the thread above

Should give you everything you need.

One caveat though: The instructions will get you to GB 4.5.596, and GB 4.5.602 is out in the TBH app, and should be out for public release shortly. If I were you, I'd wait until 4.5.602 drops before upgrading to GB. It fixes a whole litany of radio and other issues. If you decide to go with .596 and want to upgrade to .602 later, you have to follow the entire process again.