Help please.. :/


Oct 5, 2011
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Louisville, Ky
Ok so heres what i did..
Mounths back i installed crt animation and it messed up my lock screen,
i installed GoLocker and GoLauncher to cover up the lockscreen,
Just uninstalled GoLauncher and now i have issues,
my home screen is blank.. touching anything is unresponsive, i can still slide the taskbar up and down, lock and unlock mt phone but outher then that, nothing. i think the my phone doesnt know to use the stock home launcher but i dont know hot to change the settings from a blank screen.
so sombody plesae help ://// :frown::frown::frown:
I would go to the online market & download another launcher. Once its loaded, you can either pull down the status bar to launch it or press the home key & it should give you the option of what launcher to use.
I found a easier way lol. I feel like a idiot for not realizing ot before hand. Slide open keyboard, press voice comands, tell it to open settings, change the default launcher back XD worked like a charm.

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It realy can be. Would you know by any how to flash the stock lockscreen (gingerbread) on the d2, my lockscreen is messed up bad. Still works but looks retarded

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One way is to re-flash the rom. Or maybe find a theme that will change the lockscreen. But I'm not really up to date with the D2, so I don't know if there would be one. I would try to re-flash the rom. Unless you have a backup you could restore.
Wish I could but I'm flashed to criket and flashing anouther rom would remove the flash to criket

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