Help - Multiple Gmail Accounts & Multiple Users (Sharing Contacts)


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Nov 4, 2010
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Chicago, IL
Hi All,

Two of us want to share a gmail account. He has a HTC Incredible, and I have the Droid X.

Each of us have our own personal Gmail accounts linked to our phones. We want to create an additional gmail account to "Share Contacts" within the account.

Anyone have any luck with this, and if so, can you share your input?


Here is what I have tried. I created the shared account and added a contact in gmail on the computer. It synced to my phone immediately. I added one on my phone and it synced it to both my personal account and the shared account (not good). The contact i added to the gmail account on the computer also made it's way to my personal gmail as well. My phone doesn't seem to let me choose what gmail account to add the contact to.

It gets better. The other guy added the "shared account" to his phone. when he added a contact, it didn't go to his personal gmail or our shared gmail.

Help Please