Help!!! Dropped Droid and screen wont turn on


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Apr 10, 2010
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So I dropped my phone now it wont turn on I was rooted and now am trying to get it unrooted so that I can take it in and use my warranty... I have downloaded RSD Lite 4.6 and also FRG22D.sbf and am trying to flash it according to posts on here I do a battery pull to turn it off since I cant see the screen then put the battery back in and hold up on the D pad and nothing happens connect to RSD Lite and in Model it says SE Flash OMAP34310 MI is this correct? I have seen it actually say MOTO DROID there thats what its supposed to say correct? I guess how do I know im in bootloader if I cant see the screen.

EDIT: Also the keyboard lights up and everything. I flashed it with the SE Flash thing and well before the touch part of the screen worked so i could unlock and also press and hold and feel it vibrate now Its on and the keyboard is lit up but I am unable to unlock the phone. I think I am back at the set up process I am able to hit the home menu and back buttons and feel the vibration feedback.
That is the correct way for it to show up in RSD Lite. If the screen won't turn on, you should be good to go. Even if it fails at the end, you will have wiped out all signs of root and can safely use your insurance. Because if they can tell you dropped it, I doubt they will warranty replace it.

good luck
Thanks for ur help...I belive I got it to work I will never know but in the end it was a 100 dollars to fix so I figured it was time to upgrade kinda sucks with all the rumors of upcoming phones but I upgraded to a droid x and well I can live with it for a year lol

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