Help can't SBF my Droid 2 - Linux/Windows

Upon booting up my device in safe mode, first thing I noticed is I get a Force Close on the app 'Sweet Notes'. Market works, I am able to download - but not able to open the app after the download and installation is complete.

I'm going to mess wit it a bit more to see if I come up with anything.
I gave up. I'm just gonna let it rest, and recover from my lost brain cells the past week trying to fix it. I got a new phone now. I bought a Droid 2 Global. Kinda digging it.. just not the price I paid for it :| Going to stay stock for awhile, then see what's out there when i'm ready to flash.

Thanks for the help. I just wish I was able to get it fixed! LoL
I just don't understand what happened. I want to know if it's hardware related, or just some files totally jacked up on the device. Oh wells. Maybe when i'm ready to give it another try it will have a better turnout