Hello from Florida!! (brand new droid convert here)


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Aug 5, 2010
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Neptune Beach, FL
Hi, I'm Tyler.
Just made the switch to a new DROID X from the blackberry I've been carrying around for a couple years. LOVE IT!!!! sorry for shouting, but I do.

So anyways, I'm from Florida, born & raised. Lived in upstate NY for a while, where I went to culinary school. Moved back here after a few years because well... it's home. I work in software - my father & I have a program that runs along with AutoCAD or Bricscad to aid in foodservice design ( AutoMATE FSE Design - Intelligent Software : Intelligent Solutions ). I'm also a tiki carver (Tikis By Tyler : Hand carved tikis & totems. Carved from sabal palm wood in Neptune Beach, Florida. The Jacksonville area's premier custom tiki provider. ). Let me know what you think about either of the sites :biggrin:.

Happy to have found this site, and extremely happy with my new droid.

Be seeing y'all around I'm sure.