Hello from Greensboro, NC (possible iPhone to Droid convert)


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Jul 26, 2010
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Greensboro, NC
Great site, thanks!

A quick history on me - was with Verizon for many years until switching to ATT for iphone 3 years ago. ATT coverage in my city is decent (Greensboro, NC) but practically non-existent in my neighborhood. Verizon is pretty much great everywhere I go.

So three years ago my phone experience took a major change. It went from using a phone (moto flip phone) for making phone calls and sending text messages to an amazing multi-purpose device that I used for web surfing, email, ipod, gaming, etc... but also learned not to depend on for phone calls or text messages. I convinced myself that the 'device' was so awesome that when I'm at home I can simply learn to use my home phone rather than my cell phone. Then when my phone wouldn't get service in other areas I just learned to accept it.

Well, fast-forward to today and I've got the iPhone4... still a great device that I can't consistently use as a phone. The wife jumped ship back to Verizon when I upgraded to the iP4 and is constantly showing me that her phone (BB Bold) can actually be used as a phone when she wants to make a call! She never did use her iphone the way I did...

Well, just spent a week at the beach (Myrtle Beach, SC) with 2 brothers that have the Driod. I was shocked at how powerful it was as a multi-purpose device AND as a phone. So now it's got me thinking that I don't really have to give up having a dependable cell phone in order to have an awesome multi-purpose device...

So I'm here studying Droids... specifically interested in the X. However, I will admit there seems to be alot of issues with it and I'm not convinced it's a stable platform yet (camera, screen, restarts, etc.).

I have a few more days to return the iP4 without penalty... which I plan to do (I'll reactivate my iPhone3 - which is out of contract next week).

I'll keep studying up on droids because I need a smartphone with a similar look and feel of an iphone (as opposed to a black berry) and I think Verizon Android phones will be the best overall fit for me. I'm totally comfortable without a physical keyboard and the bigger the screen the better for my 47 yr old eyes...

Out of the 3 years I've had iPhones, I've gone through jailbreaking and back. I loved it at first but after various issues and maintenance nightmares, I went back to the stock iphone for about the last year and have been relatively happy with it. I don't anticipate needing to customize a droid to the extent that it can be, but I do want the flexibility that comes with the OS. What I don't want is a device that is so customized that the maintenace is a constant nightmare - been through that and decided it wasn't worth it for me.

I do have a ton of DVDs ripped via handbrake specifically for my iphone screen (more than 50, less than 100)... so it would be nice if those would still play correctly on a droid. I also have a lot of music in iTunes and it would be great to be able to interface (easily) that music with a droid.

If you read this far, thanks for taking the time to read my intro. And I'll thank you all in advance for the great info I've already collected here and will collect in the future!