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Mar 29, 2011
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Okay, now I am officially a geek. ;)

Hello everyone. I just ordered the Droid X, which should arrive tomorrow. I'm really excited about it but am dreading giving up my Storm. I have a 1st generation Storm and I love it. I gave up a lot of paper when I got the Storm and I pretty much live off my phone when I'm not at home or in front of a computer. So I'm a little nervous about the transition.

I mainly use the "business" side of the Storm in that I use it for my contacts and calendar. I also use it for my e-mail as well as FB and other social media. I personally have never had any major issues with my Storm so giving it up is going to be difficult but I am looking forward to a true touch screen. For my contacts and calendar I've used the BB's software to sync everything from Outlook so I'm hoping the Droid will be able to do that as seamlessly. If anyone has suggestions or experience with that, I would greatly appreciate any advice.

I've also read some reviews that battery life isn't as great with the X as it is on my Storm so any tips and/or tricks to help me maximize battery life would also be appreciated.

I originally was going to get the iPhone when it came to Verizon but decided against it due to the monthly cost of service and the fact that it's not compatible with Verizon's FlexView service. I have an iPod so I don't need the iPhone for music and I hear the Droid has tons of free apps so I don't think I'll be missing anything there and since I've never had an iPhone I won't know what I'd be missing anyway. ;)

Anyway, any other tips and tricks to help me transition my Storm to the Droid would be greatly appreciated.

welcome to the forum! same here when I switched from my Storm. I had no issues and was able to do/keep work docs without hassles. I think u will be ok with the X. battery life def not like BB however u can modify ur phone to extend battery life.
I have few work apps for my docs but now that I have the Xoom I switch in between and use bluetooth to transfer files.
if u have problems we can always assist u.

Aloha from Hawaii...