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Mar 10, 2012
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i have a droid razr. on second one as of friday. it's a great fone. way better than the alias2 i had.just not happy with the battery life. had the first one for two mos. to the day. and it went dead took three hrs of button pushing for it to come back on. battery was at 15%. was at 80% when i last checked for messages. called verizon and they said they had never heard of my problem before. really???
got a replacement the next day. 3-8-12. got the certified repl. set up. updated, apps etc.. went out at 90% battery .was gone 3.5 hrs. checked for mess. one time. fone worked. took a nap for 3 hrs. got up and was gona check the tv guide app.to watch some tube. just like the other fone it didnt come on. after a few mins. it came on with the batt. at 15%
needless to say i am not very pleased.i turned everything off. all apps bg stuff running. i like this fone and im in a two yr contract. somethings gotta get better. or i will be doing this all the time. getting another fone. not happy about not getting a new one from verizon. anyone have an idea what may be going on with these fones. tia for any help. jay
Welcome to Droid Forums. Sorry to say but many of these 4g devices have pretty lack luster battery life. I would suggest heading over to our Razr section and looking around for some possible battery saving tips.
Definitely check out the Razr section but it sounds like something is constantly running in the background to drain the battery...or it could be an issue with the phone - the Razr does have a shorter battery life than the Maxx but you should get more than 4 hours with minimal use...

Link to our Razr Subsection... Droid RAZR Forum
thank you. i called customer support today. i put it in safe mode till tomorrow afternoon. service rep. thought it might be app related.i check every few hrs. and its mainly android os using power.