Headphone Jack on droid screwing up..Relacement.


Nov 22, 2009
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This is my second droid that I have had this issue with. If I accidently bump my headphone jack while listening to music it cuts it off thinking the headphones have been removed. I have to pull it out of my pocket and restart it. Just a pain and can really get annoying. They replaced the last one, but that was a while back. My question is will a VZW store still have droid1 to give me another replacement or are they trying to give you something else now? Thanks..
The store should have the D1 to give you a replacement or they can ship you another one. I went in on Friday and I'll have my replacement D1 on Monday, per tracking information.

Have you ever thought of using Bluetooth head phone. I use Rocketfish, that I brought from eBay for $20 and they are great. It eliminates the need for the headphone jack unless you listen in your car. Also I recommend the "L" shaped headphone jack, less bumping into.
Can music be played through bluetooth? Does the battery drain? Also if it can, how come my expensive Honda oddessy doesnt have this feature....i have some bluetooth options but not music....