Droid 1 Headphone Jack problem getting VERY annoying


Nov 10, 2009
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I have been using my Droid at the gym for a while now; ever since my last .mp3 player broke. It's great that I can have one device that does it all. However, every time I even touch the headphone jack it seems to kill my music player. Today at the gym it happened 3-4 times. :icon_evil:

I have tried now 3 different headphones all with the same results.

I want an option for the damn player to continue playing when the jack gets disconnected. Blast the music from the internal speaker until I reach down to my phone holder and re-adjust. But having to take the phone out, unlock it and start the song up again is very annoying; even dangerous on a bike.

I wonder if someone can write an app to do that??
I had a different but similar issue. I never use my MP3 player now that I have my Droid1 but after a few months the headphone jack started getting really 'noisy' with any movement. Like if I am in the car and just pick it up to change the song it sounds like a static television.

Verizon guy said he has a Droid1 also and it does this so a replacment wont fix my issue. I laughed and told him to send me a new phone. Got a new one and it works flawlessly...

I do understand your issue too tho, thats annoying.
I wonder if anyone has a solution to this problem. I don't really like returning my Droid since it works perfectly other than the headphone issue. But is seems to get worse. Today I was listening to a podcast just walking around the house. My shirt touching the headphone cord actually stopped the player; it is that sensitive.

Anyone know of any option to start playing the music player automatically when a headphone is jacked in.
1. Strip some of the cotton off a Q-tip so it just is able to slip into the headphone jack.
2. Dip the stripped Q-tip into some rubbing alcohol.
3.Use the Q-tip like a plunger inside the headphone jack.
4. Repeat as needed.
5. Win

But seriously this worked for me and I had the same problem. It was so touchy that it would shut on and off my music as i picked up my phone with headphones in.
That is going to work?? I read on another post yesterday where someone slipped paper around the outside of the headphone jack to make it more stable and not move around so much.

Or I'll try to return it. But I really don't want to do that since who knows what kind of piece of *#&#^ I get in return. Never had luck with that.
Id really try what I posted first it worked great for me, I can wiggle that thing all i want now. All it does is clean the connectors inside because their dirty from you having a open headphone jack with dirt, pocket lint always coming in it.
I'm having the same problem with my Droid. I think it's a combination of the headphones and the Droid, as I have some headphones that don't have this problem and others that do.

I'm actually using my Bluetooth headphones more because of this problem.
The fix is a straw. Yes a straw. Preferably a straw from McDconalds. What you do is cut a small square out with a little tab sticking up. Now insert that small piece between the headphone jack and the BACK of the phone (screen facing you) with the tab up so you can pull it out if you want to at a later time. This will solve your issue. The problem is that the headphone jack is NOT physically mounted to the PCB and is free floating relying on pressure to complete the contact. This little piece of straw will apply said pressure and your issues will go away.
Did a quick test today. If I just wiggle the headphone jack around while keeping pressure on it it plays fine. But a soon as I start pulling out the headphone connector - even as little as a couple of millimeters - it disconnects.

So I guess the theory is that if you touch the cord and the connector just slightly lifts up it also slightly lifts up the phone headphone jack, thus loosing contact and cutting off the sound.

I'll try the straw method and clean it out with a Q-Tip.

Thanks for the advise.